TIL: How to Manage your YouTube Subscriptions (in 2020)

TIL: How to Manage your YouTube Subscriptions (in 2020)

I remember the days when there was an easy way to cull your YouTube subscriptions list when it got uncomfortably crowded. It was one click away. You could click a button, see a list of your subscriptions, and remove obsolete subscriptions at your heart's content.

Today I figured my subscription list was long overdue a checkup (I mean, it's somehow reached 126 at this point), so I opened up the YouTube homepage and had a look around for the button.

Except, one problem: the button doesn't exist anymore.

Thankfully, ondro baco discovered that the page still exists (for now).

You can find it here:


I wonder if the button's removal is a sign of things to come: perhaps this page will disappear in due time? Only time will tell.

YouTube Subscription Manager
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