In the rain, I choose to smile

In the rain, I choose to smile

When the sky is grey and it's pouring with rain and the weather is a reminder of how cruel the world is... somehow  my mood often improves and I end up smiling. I never really figured out why, until maybe a few moments ago.

Right now, the sky is dark, it's not yet raining.. but the threat is clear. A downpour is on the horizon. For me, that realisation is a dose of perspective. It's a brutal world out there. So all the problems, the fears, the small things I'm worrying about don't really matter in the end.

The rain gives me perspective. And that perspective makes me feel optimistic. It's a matter of resilience. There's so much negativity out there, but I choose to smile.

I'm walking through the rain, no umbrella, no coat, no shield. Here I am. Here I make my mark in the world.

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