Digestive Fridays #1

Digestive Fridays #1

What on Earth is a "Digestive Friday''???

The title does sound tasty

It's an idea I had on the train a few days ago: when I come across videos and articles which I find useful, why not share those?

Well, today's that day!

(I'm actually writing this on a Saturday, but hey, who's counting?)

Whatcha been consuming?

Some nutrition & food content:

Some startup & software engineering-related articles:

Something I want to learn more about: what Neuralink are doing with brain-machine interfaces. Wait But Why already did a great intro to Neuralink.

Here's what's on the hit list:

An interesting story: The Story of the PING Program

Something I've been listening to: Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg Rap Battle (it's also on Spotify!)

Found you think I'd find interesting? Please ping me an email! :)