2 steps forward; 1 step back.

2 steps forward; 1 step back.

I’ve been passively thinking about blog names for a while, but with no luck.

Today I Learned? Nah, that’s taken. Always Learning? Nah, it feels like one of those repetitive ’20 Things Successful People Do Before 5:30 AM To Achieve Infinite Success’ blogs. Eighty Twenty? Nope, way too closed-minded and restrictive. What I’ve Learnt? I like it, but it’s taken. What about WIL.com? Nope, that will definitely be taken. Wait But Why? That’s a good one - nice work, Tim Urban, for coming up with that one.

Then today I was thinking about sleep during the obligatory post-haircut shower. "Darn, I’m aiming for 9 hours a night and still only averaging 6.5 hours a night. I haven’t hit a consistent 7.5 hours after a couple years of trying. Hmm. Then again, 6.5 hours is still a lot better than it used to be. 2 steps forward; 1 step back, I guess??”

Huh. 2 forward; 1 back. I like it. It’s subtly optimistic that, despite some inevitable setbacks, we’re always making progress. It’s realistic about life being an emotional rollercoaster of peaks and troughs.

Optimism. Progress. Realism. That’s my kinda vibe. Let’s do this.

One minute thirty seven seconds later...

Sits down at laptop.
Opens up a few domain registrars.
Compares prices and strokes (barely existent) beard.
Settles on CloudFlare’s domain service.
Can’t figure out how to register a new domain; it seems CloudFlare only transfers existing domains 🙄
Settles on Google Domains because its UI looks quick and easy to use.
Buys 2fwd1back.com

Oh wait. Now that I’ve bought the domain, I actually have to write stuff now.

Surprised Pikachu

"I suppose the story of how I stumbled across this blog name is a good place to start", I thought.

Twenty minutes later

Well now that I’ve written a post about creating a blog, I should probably create the actual blog.

I guess this means it’s time to dive into Ghost and then write a blog post about building a blog! Very meta.

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